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About Klasse Woods

"Down On the Farm"

Why "Klasse Woods?"

We moved to Klasse Woods in the summer of 2008, choosing this location in part because of its pristine potential. Situated on the eastern side of the 120 square miles known as the Spruce Woods Provincial Park and just north of the Assiniboine River we are surrounded mostly by forest and widelife management lands - there is very little ariable land nearby which is so often saturated with chemicals. Thus even the ground water is more pure.

We found the clean air, plenty of pure fresh water, good soil and trees at Klasse Woods to be a perfect spot to raise our family, grow our own food and some extra for others like you who would like the benefits we have, but can't get it where you live.

Meet some Residents

Buddy ~ "Manager of Predator Control" A stray who came to stay, Buddy does a very good job as lead guard dog on the farm. We have yet to loose a chicken or calf to a coyote, fox or varmit of any kind.

Sticky & Fluffy ~ "Rodent Control Specialists" It’s not a farm without a cat to two… or twenty! Well… if we get that many? We share freely with you – just ask!

Yet, we’re thankful for these vital managers and for their yearly little kittens that are equally as nice. It’s always nice to cuddle and coddle a little ball of purr fur!!!

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