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Fruits & Berries

"The Taste of Health"

Sour Cherries

In the spring of 2009 we planted 300 Dwarf Sour Cherries. In 2013 we saw our first harvest of about 50 lbs. This year (2018) we are looking foward to an increase in harvest with the potential of selling some as well. When trees are producing well we can expect more than 20 lbs/tree.

The breeding of dwarf sour cherries began in the 1940's. Planting our Sour Cherry Orchard in the spring of 2009.After some 50 years of breeding, Dwarf Sour Cherries were born combining cold hardiness, dwarf stature and good fruit quality into the final product. The cherry varieties released by the University of Saskatchewan are a great tasting cherry with a high sugar content.

We have three varieties of the Dwarf Sour Cherries. The majority of our orchard is "SK Carmine Jewel" which was the first and highest producing of the sour cherries. As well we have some "Romeo" and "Cupid" both of which are slightly sweeter, larger, and bear later than the "Carmine Jewel".

It is prairie hardy, growing & producing well in most soil types.

Two factors add to the benefits of this tasty prairie fruit:

  1. It's ability to produce in our zones gives it the quality known as "northern vigor" translates to a lot of concentrated nutrients.
  2. This fruit is relatively new to the prairies, thus diseases and pests are few allowing for pure growing conditions.

Some of our Carmine Jewels close to being ripe.Cherries have quickly become a permanent part of our family diet. Their intense flavor, color & nutrition make an excellent addition to any menu. Eaten fresh, in season, the cherries are tart yet sweet enough to enjoy. When frozen & then thawed for a few minutes, the taste is very similar to the fresh picked taste. Cherries offer superb nutritional benefits - their true deep red color indicates their intense benefit to the heart, blood, liver etc. A mere 10 cherries per day offers full health benefits. The sour cherries are a cooking cherry with many uses in cherry juice, jams, jellies, desserts, breakfast dishes & toppings.

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We have also planted some thornless domestic blackberries. So far this experiment is not very successful at producing fruit.Some of our few blackberries so far. Normally Blackberries are not a very hardy species, but the variety that we have is better than most though not as good as we would like to see. We are having trouble with the vines dying back to the ground each winter, and having to start all over again in spring.

Blackberry vines under good growing conditions can grow as much as 40 ft in one season. For this reason we have put up a large trellis for them to grow on.

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