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The Klassen Family

"Serving Together"

Family Overview

We are a homeschooling Christian family living in southern Manitoba on a small farm.

We consider it a great blessing to be able to live and work "at the cottage" - while most folks live in town and retreat to the cottage on weekends, we live at the retreat and venture to town occasionally as needed.

We are richly blessed to live, work and learn together as a family. Each of our six sons and their younger sister enjoy the great outdoors along with us.

Our purpose is to show the faithfulness of the Lord in our lives, give others the opportunity to benefit from healthy foods like we do, as well as give you a glimpse of our life on the farm.

Meet the Family

Ken ~ "Klasse Farmer" is Top Boss @ Klasse Woods Natural Farm. Every operation needs a CEO. Ken is capable in every task…and can be seen doing them all at one time or another. A true servant leader, teaching by example.

Darlene ~ "Klasse Mama" wears many hats from wife to Mama to chief cook & bottle washer… Chief purchaser, Homeschool teacher, baker, nurse, laundress, IT contact. Marketing and meeting people is a great excursion from the farm.

Her interests lie in reading, health, singing, prophecy, economics, & community ministry. Winter 2014 offered an opportunity to learn knitting with the children…making hats, headbands and wash cloths for “shoeboxes”.

Our Klasse "Pharm-Assists" (Farm assistants)

CorbynCorbyn is our resident web-designer, computer tech, IT man. Avid at most any task from marketing to welding & tractor repair, he’s one handy man to have around! But…the farm cannot support four incomes so he works off-farm, doing construction. Most of the cattle are his enterprise and he enjoys spending time looking after them. The cattle also provide a great way to build equity for his future.

CarsynCarsyn offers a quiet and steady presence to the farm. Handy and willing to try anything with patience and precision…fix a tractor, weed a row, build a violin! Yes, his deepest passion is in fine woodwork from cabinets, to homes & buildings, to musical instruments… He too would love to farm alongside his Dad…meanwhile he’ll be working off-farm, with his brother on construction. With deep interest in music will often burst through in song from high tenor to deep base …to making the trees literally sing as he tunes the wood on his latest violin…then when it is finished, playing it regularly to building the resonance in the wood. Studying and observing creation is another passion Carsyn pursues and shares with those in his world.

BraydenBrayden is our candlestick maker – he owns and operates everything to do with Klasse Candles, from making the molds to marketing the candles.

He is good @ gardening, packing and marketing. His creativity, jokes and organizational skills come in very handy…a lot of the time. He is Klasse Mama’s Librarian, knowing every book inside and out including where it is currently located!! His eye for design is useful for interior design & landscape design, not to mention architectural design. Someday this will all come together for him in an awesome opportunity to impact his world.

Currently, he works off-farm at the local lumber yard/hardware store. On the side, his interests are in reading, music, design, and film-making. In the summer of 2013 he was a Production Assistiant for “In His Steps” the movie which he helped to film.

TimothyTimothy is good with everything from marketing, to gardening and animal husbandry . He is an assets for the farm operations. But as Klasse Mama’s “Star student” with aspirations in accounting he may well soon become the financial manager. Alongside Klasse Farmer, he is a an apprentice everything! His various interests of hunting, building, computer, reading, IT and business keep him busy. He is also doing market analysis for meat rabbits. He hoping to start a small herd this summer for meat production.

BenjaminBenjamin along with his twin, is one of our Predator Control Officers catching gophers in the field to protect the cattle and the hay land. Alongside Klasse Farmer, he is a an apprentice gardener & chicken manager.

BronlinBronlin along with his twin, is another of our Predator Control Officers catching gophers in the field to protect the cattle and the hay land. Alongside Klasse Farmer, he is an apprentice gardener & chicken manager.

Faith MattayaFaith Mattaya fills the vital position of "Castle Princess" in our family bringing flowers for Mama or water for Daddy, kissing the princes and cuddling the kittens…making most every task brighter & better. She willingly assists in most any job from kitchen to farmyard.

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