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Pasture-Raised Turkey

"Rich in Natural Goodness"

Pasture-Raised Turkeys

Klasse Woods Natural Farm is dedicated to producing healthy nutritious turkey, providing you with an enjoyable experience of superior flavor and health. Taste the difference when Our turkeys poults spend the few weeks of their life in a brooder shed before heading out to try Klasse Woods' Pasture-Raised Turkeys. Trust us, you won't want to go back to traditionally raised turkeys.

We start our poults first thing in spring with a late-summer finish date just in time for Thanksgiving. We pick up our poults as day olds. Newly hatched poults need a very controlled environment to ensure a vigorous and healthy life. So they spend the first five - eight weeks in our warm brooder sheds which are kept warm and dry.

After the first few weeks all our turkeys are raised in safe portable pasture shelters that get moved to fresh pasture daily. Fresh air, sunshine, and greens are a veritable salad bar of health served up daily. The pasture gives them the opportunity to eatOur broiler chicks spend their life enjoy our nutrient rich pastures. large amounts of greens providing plenty of nutrients. Turkeys by nature eat a lot of seeds and grain. For that reason we do provide them with a grain ration of carefully chosen grains and minerals for best health of our flock.

We want our birds to be happy and healthy. Raising them in small groups of 35 or less means a lower stress level, which means happier healthier turkeys.

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Ordering Information

Here at Klasse Woods Natural Farm our turkeys are sold whole and frozen. Birds range in size, growing in a normal healthy way, no force feeding, just natural growth. Due to our shorter summers here in Manitoba, Canada we are only able to raised one batch per year.

Seeing as we only raise one batch per year, we recommend pre-ordering as many turkeys as you think you can use in a year. Supplies are limited so pre-ordering also ensures that you get the quality Pasture-Raised Turkeys you want.

2017 Prices

Whole Turkeys vacuum sealed (10 - 23 lbs) @ $3.60/lb
Note: Prices are subject to change.

We are currently taking orders for our 2017 season. To place an order you can use the Comment Form to the right or visit our Contact page. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you.

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